Our Leaders

Our Team

Sara Sass

Sara Sass

DL Experience Coordinator

Chris McRae

Senior Music Director and Choir Director

Brenna Paulie

Production Assistant

Danen Kane

Worship Leader - Hortonville

Aaron Carter

Event/Hortonville Production Manager

David Vicchiollo

Worship Director

Daniel Free

Creative Producer/Worship Leader

Carol Grandlienard

Assistant to the Executive Pastors and Director of Operations

Melanie Hilstad

Director of Discovery Land/Location Coordinator - Hortonville

Robin Andrew

Assistant to the Pastor Emeritus

Andrea Klarner

DL Multi Site Project Manager

Karissa Hildebrand

Special Needs Children's Coordinator

Judy Episcopo

Director of Spiritual Formation

Connie Hoehne

Xcel Sports Manager

Barb Mlodzik

Adult Ministries Connection Coordinator

Jenessa Schwoerer

Special Needs Experience Coordinator

Laura Page

Birth-Three Coordinator

Colton Westby

3rd-6th Sunday Coordinator

Cristen Gregorius

Women's Ministry Coordinator

Jessica Taylor

K-2 Awana Coordinator

Kylie Garris

K-2 Sunday Coordinator

Carly Pfeifer

Xcel Sports Program Supervisor

Jamie Boorum

Adult Ministries Special Events Coordinator

Margo Schelfhout

Worship Arts Music Assistant

Mattea Burton

Worship Arts Administrative Assistant

Becca Fulcer

Adult Ministries Program Manager

Morgan Vandeyacht

Women's Administrator

Caressa Oberschlake

Kid's Bible Time Coordinator

Alexandria Abitz

Assistant to the Executive Director of Discovery Land

Anna Anvelink

Neenah Location Coordinator

Paula Gonzalez

Alliance Special Events Coordinator

Amanda Thurston

Student Ministries Volunteer Coordinator

Alyssa Hoehne

Marketing Manager

Tori Hoehne

Communications Project Manager

Jacob Deitte

Video Producer

Zach Woelfel

Communications Content Specialist

Kelsey Kamp

3rd-6th Grade AWANA Coordinator

Annette Hablewitz

Financial Operations Coordinator

Lynn Mullenix

Assistant Bookkeeper/Receptionist

Amber Simons

Discovery Land Adminstrator

Belle Smoll

Training and Curriculum Developer

Carter Hoehne

Video Producer (Multi-Media)

Julie Statezny

Receptionist and Care Ministry Assistant

Matt Dorn

Facilities Manager

Hannah Wagner

Discovery Land Preschool Coordinator

Erin Marcott


GingerLee Hooley

Facilities Coordinator

Jane Gresenz

Funeral Coordinator

Lisa Schuenke

HR and Community Care Coordinator

Kevin Kelly

Assistant Facility Manager

Dave Van Stippen

Facility Team Member

Leanne Lemons

Connections Cafe Manager

Susan Cooper

Student Ministries Administrator

Eva Baranczyk

Young Adult/Student Worship Coordinator

Helena Normington

Student Ministries Experience Assistant/AYA Volunteer Coordinator

Allie Jensen

Graphic Designer/AYA Social Media Content Specialist

Georgia Smoll

Student Ministries Experience Assistant

Mikayla Severson

Discovery Land Administrator

Chester Baranczyk

Student Ministry Experience Assistant

Lori Loux

Global Connections Ministry Assistant

Our Governing Board