Whether you are 18 or 85, we have a place for you to get involved. From men’s basketball, golf, and camping trips, to FRAT study groups, there are many opportunities to experience connection with God and one another. Our men are not perfect, but we fight for a better understanding of who God is in our lives and how that impacts us on a daily basis.

Men's Frat

The Upside Down Kingdom | September-December 2023

When do you feel blessed? Is it when there's a full bank account? When you get a big promotion at work? To the world, being blessed may look like having money, power, and success, but God flips those expectations upside down when He describes His kingdom. Join us this fall as we navigate through Matthew 5 with Matt Chandler and discover what true blessing looks like. It may not match our expectations, but it will far exceed our hopes!

Financial Assistance

We don't want finances to be a barrier to participating in any events. If you'd like to request assistance, please complete our request form. Please wait to register until after you have had a response from your financial assistance request.


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Paul Behnke

Paul Behnke

Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries
Trevor Lind

Trevor Lind

Associate Pastor
Jamie Boorum

Jamie Boorum

Adult Ministries Special Events Coordinator