Love like Jesus...


God created and saved humans out of the overflow of His perfect love—and then he called us to share that love with each other and the world. When we show the same love to others that Jesus showed to us—undeserved, sacrificial, selfless love—we prove to the world that God is real.

Pursuing Love Booklet

Our team has written a seven-week devotional booklet for you to follow as we move through the 100x series and discover who God wants us to become. As you work your way through this devotional, know that your church family is doing it right along with you. Together, we will learn to love like Jesus.

100x Series

Our vision isn't changing... it's multiplying. In a world so divided, we aim to be the ones to love and forgive. The ones to give to others before they ask for or deserve it. To go where no one is and share where no one has anything to offer in return. Our task may be God-sized, but our strategy is simple: Receive Jesus and His presence in our daily life. Reflect Him to the world. And repeat it again and again.

Relisten or rewatch our 100x messages by clicking below.

Mini Churches

Mini-churches provide environments for fellowship, encouragement, and accountability across the Fox Cities. This fall, mini-churches will follow along with the Purusing Love booklet from the 100x series. Not participating yet? Click below to find your mini-church. 

share your story

Tell us how it's going! Email [email protected] and let us know how the campaign has impacted you. We can't wait to hear!