Where is God When You're Running on Empty?


“I wish somebody would invent a Skittles bag that automatically refilled itself.” My 11-year-old shook the empty, crumpled candy wrapper in her hand.

Yes, I thought. Wouldn’t that be nice.

I wish somebody would invent a gas tank like that, too. No more stopping at the station to fork over three bucks a gallon. My car would keep running down the highway on magic refillable fuel.

And how about a bank account? Wouldn’t that be handy? We wouldn’t have to work, work, work, trading time for dollars; our funds would automatically replenish and we’d have all the money we needed to pay for groceries, the mortgage, tuition. Why doesn’t somebody invent that kind of happiness?

More than anything, though, I wish I had an auto-fill button on my energy. Don’t you? When seasons turn busy and stressful, we’d never get stretched beyond our capacity because stamina and strength would just keep pumping into our veins, regardless of how much sleep we get at night.

Ahhhh, but that’s just not how life works—in all respects but one.

“But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” (John 14:4, NLT)

Do you ever wonder if God is paying any attention? When the daily grind of life beats you down, or some bad news rocks your world—where is God? Is He really out there somewhere, orchestrating the details of the universe, especially when circumstances look like a big heap of dung some days? Does He actually drill down from His birds-eye view to care about what’s going on in YOUR little life?

He does. And He doesn’t.

And by that I mean—He does care. A lot.

But He doesn’t have to peer down at you from some faraway vantage point. If you have faith in Jesus, then God is not distant. He’s with you.

Beside you.

Inside you.

Like a fresh, bubbling spring, pouring into you constantly, automatically, day after day after day. He is the ultimate refillable Skittles bag.

We just have to consume what already overflows.

And when we do? All those other losses fit into perspective, I think. We can endure the days when our tank is running low, when the bank account looks slim, when sleep and energy elude us. Because in Jesus we have access to an unlimited supply of power that is not limited by our circumstances.

When was the last time you tapped into it?

Let’s all remember who we are today: children of the one true God. Heirs to His kingdom. Beloved and redeemed, irrevocably. What our Father God offers can never run out.

And it’s so much sweeter than candy.

Much love,

P.S. I’m happy to be a guest today on the Love Where You Are podcast with Somer Colbert. Tune in here to join our conversation, all about how to change the world one blessing at a time.

*This article was originally posted on Becky's personal website.

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