Shine Light in The Darkness


Last winter, we spent the holidays in a foreign land. Missing family gatherings and festivities, many of our Christmas traditions were lacking and just felt... different. I was in a funk. Nothing seemed right, every little thing was on my nerves, and discouragement was setting in. Then something happened that only accentuated my grief: the power grid in our country had a major hiccup. I mean, several unpredictable hours each day without power, internet, heat, or water. With winter darkness a cold reality 15 hours a day, the power failures got old real fast. 

One day, I decided to buy bread from the local bakery and thoughtlessly got in the elevator to go down 8 floors to the street level. As soon as I pressed the button and the doors closed, I thought to myself, “that was really stupid”. Sure enough, on the way down the power was cut! Unlike elevators in other parts of the world, this elevator did not have a back-up battery or safety system to go to the nearest floor.  

I was stuck, alone in total darkness. That elevator got lonely and stifling very quickly. 

Well… I did have my phone, but I instantly went into crisis mode, thinking, “how long will the battery last?” I decided it was better to keep the flashlight app off to conserve the little battery I had left. 

So, I did what any reasonable person would do in my position: I sat down and had a little cry.  

After a few moments, I pulled myself together and I decided the right thing to do was call my husband. I soon realized that an elevator shaft is not an ideal place for cell-service, but I found enough bars if I held my phone up to one far corner of the elevator. My husband came running down the stairwell and some neighbors (who probably heard me crying) came out to help call the elevator company. Hearing my husband’s muffled voice was a comfort to me, but he was helpless without the right tool to open the door. We had no idea how long it would take for help to arrive. I just sat in the dark and waited and prayed. 

Did I mention I had to pee?? 

About 20 minutes later, the elevator technician arrived and opened the door. We immediately realized the elevator was stuck between the 4th and 5th floors! So, my husband grabbed one hand and the technician the other and they hauled me out as quickly as possible. At that moment I prayed the power would stay off! For quite a while after that I walked the 8 flights of stairs, even with bags of groceries. 

Being in darkness, even temporarily, was scary and disorienting. And it was a heart-check for me about the billions of people who live in spiritual darkness

We are called out of darkness into the glorious light of our Savior. Not only does he invite us to follow Him into the light, but Jesus also gives us an inheritance in the Kingdom of Light (Col. 1:12)!

If we dig further into Colossians 1, we find hope and encouragement to live as women who carry the light to others

In Col. 1: 9, Paul says he is praying non-stop that the Colossians would be filled with knowledge

Where does knowledge come from? From God Himself. 

How do we learn this knowledge? From the Word of God! 

Paul continues by praying for wisdom and understanding that comes only from the Holy Spirit, our Counselor.  

In Col 1:10, we learn that the reason for this knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is to live a life worthy of the Lord. Oh, I want that, don’t you? To please God in every way! 

How do we live a life that is worthy of the Lord?  

>> By bearing good fruit. Side note: read more about the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5. 

>> By growing in our spiritual life. Cultivate a love for the Word of God and practice what it says. 

>> By relying on God to strengthen us, even in our weakness (Col 1:11), which leads to great endurance and patience

>> By giving joyful thanks. An attitude of gratitude. 

Why does this matter?? Because he qualified you (Col 1:12). Not because of anything you or I have done. He qualified us in our darkest hour, our lowest low, when we had nothing to bring to the table. He qualifies us, completely NOT dependent of our education, family name, or curated public profile. HE qualifies us because of what He has done: He gave His life for ours. 

For what? What are we qualified for? 

>> To share in His inheritance (Col 1:12). Wow. At our worst, He gives us His inheritance? He literally gives us His kingdom as His daughters. Our inheritance is the Kingdom of Light

In fact, he rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us out of this darkness into His light. His light brings salvation and the forgiveness of sins (Col 1:13). 

I don’t want to keep this light to myself! Let’s bring His light to those waiting in the dark places that exist all around us.  

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation,  

God’s special possession,  

that you may declare the praises of him who called you  

out of darkness into his wonderful light. 

1 Peter 2:9 

Thank you, Jesus, for your gift of salvation. Thank you for qualifying me, when I least deserve it, to be called your daughter. Thank you for calling me out of darkness into Your light. Give me your strength to carry Your light to those still in darkness. Help me to live a life worthy of You. 

Show me my next steps! Amen. 

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