In an effort to alleviate congestion in our Appleton location parking lots, the traffic flow in and out of the church will change upon entry and exit starting this Sunday, April 14. Continue to check this page for updates.

Entering from Lynndale Drive

When entering from Lynndale Drive, drivers coming from the north must use the right lane. Right lane traffic will be required to turn right. (Left lane traffic must continue straight or turn left.)

Drivers coming from the east and south will continue to go straight or turn left as always. 

Exiting church

When exiting the parking lots, you may only use Lynndale Drive. (Rifle Range Road is closed. We promise.😉) All right lane travel will be required to turn right at the Lynndale/Grand Chute Blvd. intersection. This will be a no stop, right turn constant flow.

For those turning left, use the left lane and wait for the traffic signal. For those who typically would go straight towards Evergreen Drive, please follow the detour of Lynndale, Capitol, and Gillette to get you back on track. Thank you for making this accommodation to help improve flow for everyone in our lots.