Living Bridges


Years ago, I asked the Lord for His answer when others asked why I say “yes” to missions (Luke 10:3). He gave me the word “bridge”. We are living bridges for the Lord. 

I’ve seen the reality of this picture each and every time I put myself aside for His Kingdom work. This picture was most recently evident in the following ways on the Alliance trip to Clarkston, Georgia with six other beautiful women of God:

  • A bridge of His Church- I’m not an official member of Alliance, but I have been welcomed and enjoyed Bible studies, mission trips, and relationships over the years.

  • A bridge of generations- Women of the “wisdom” years loved and mentored the younger (Titus 2:3) while the younger women shared their strengths and energy.

  • A bridge was made from 7 strangers to 7 sisters on our team.

  • A bridge was created between Envision staff and volunteers.

  • A bridge of cultures and nations was evident. 

During our stay in Clarkston, our team was able to serve as living bridges throughout the week. 

We visited the Envision farm straight from the airport on a beautiful autumn day. We connected with staff and volunteers, enjoyed a few goodies, and a couple of us even did the sack race!

We worshipped on Sunday morning with the French African church at the Friendship Center. Small but alive, the passionate Pastor spoke of worshiping our God (Col. 4:2). 

Later, we delivered food bags to our neighbors in the same apartment complex where we stayed. Delivery of food bags brought conversation with new arrivals, allowing them to be added to the distribution list.

As a result of this, three of us were invited to tea with an Afghan family that arrived only 4 days prior. Our different languages didn’t thwart what God wanted to do. He was there to build a bridge. The family contacted an interpreter friend in Afghanistan via cell phone for a delightful and informative conversation. Photos (initiated by them) were exchanged. Laughter and joy accompanied our tea (as well as an offer for dinner). Be amazed! (Hab.1:5)

We were able to bless the hard working women of the Envision staff to a “spa” morning including facials, hot towels, sugar scrubs, and a myriad of treats (of course chocolates). The women paired up for prayer and time to reflect, and afterwards Judy gave a lovely message on the value of women. Each woman was given an opportunity to write a prayer request for which the team prayed over later.

We attended an after school children’s program (Matt.19:14), or “organized chaos” as the leader described, with children of many different cultures gathering for games, crafts, homework help, and snacks with a lesson from Scripture.

Prayer. Everything was bathed in prayer! We took Luke 10 to the streets by knocking on apartment doors and asking if we could pray for them. One visit resulted in an Iraqi invite to lunch. Be amazed! (Hab. 1:5) God richly blessed the visit and anxieties were averted when the family allowed their two daughters to skip school and interpret for them. A special spread of food and tea was enjoyed as well and conversation, tears, and prayer for a family member not yet with them.

God also gave me a promise when He gave me the word bridge. He said if I stepped out of my world to enter another’s for His sake, I would learn more about Him, myself, and His people. 

Our God is faithful. He has never failed to deliver on that. Each... and... every... time!

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