Streets of Bethlehem

The most anticipated Christmas event in the Fox Cities.

Dec. 15-18 | 5:30 - 9 p.m. | Alliance Church - Appleton

Immerse yourselves in the world of Jesus. Experience his culture and context as you engage all your senses.
Four nights, 3.5 hours, one unforgettable experience in Appleton-turned-Bethlehem. 


Engage all five senses, starting with touch. As you walk through the Streets, interact with live animals from Jesus' world, including camels, donkeys, and more. 


See the architecture of Bethlehem, yes, but also see who filled the streets; Roman soldiers, dancers, merchants, and more. As you move through Bethlehem, interact with all different types of people and see what Jesus saw when he walked outside. 


Life in Bethlehem was lively. Dancers will fill the streets with joy. Hear the culture of Jesus' day through music and dance. Our trained dancers may even invite you to join in! 

Volunteer at Streets

Get in on the action! See open volunteer opportunities today.