The Gospel, Together

By Rev. Brandon Hilstad
Series: What's Next?

Description: God calls us to live gospel-centered lives in gospel-centered communities. In this passage, Paul helps us answer questions like - What's on the line if we don't? What details of the gospel are most important? Why should we trust the gospel?


  1. Spend a little time reading through and reflecting on 1 Corinthians 15. This message specifically focused on verses 1-8, but really, the whole chapter is one long line of reasoning.
  2. What do we learn about the resurrection in this chapter? Why is it so important? What reasoning does Paul give that we should trust that Jesus was actually raised from the dead?
  3. Looking at the bare-bones gospel creed in verses 3-5, pick three life situations you're navigating (i.e. conflict in a relationship, a health issue, a parenting challenge), and have a gospel conversation with someone else about the matter. Discuss "How does the gospel change the way we should view (insert life circumstance here)?"