Living generously has been a recent theme from our Sunday messages in both Appleton and Hortonville. As a church, we have been challenged to think of generosity as an extension of our faith, acknowledging that being generous isn’t a money thing, but rather a heart thing.

We are also a globally minded church as evidenced from our vision statement: Connecting the World with God and One Another. So, what does it look like to be generous globally?

Through our connections with sister churches and partnerships around the world, we are made aware of ways that our prayers and finances can make a difference. A few of our recent donations include:

Guinea CAMA Team: A donation was made to the Guinea Agropastoral Project (GAP) for supplies and the purchase of a forest mulcher that will be used to clear forest land in a remote area where the team will work with Fulani people teaching them how to make good soil for growing nutritious food. Guinea is a country in west Africa and the Fulani are an unreached people group. Alliance Church is connected to the Guinea CAMA team through Ben & Chelsea Anderson who spoke at our Global Connections Conference Week in March.

France: A big need in France is raising up those who feel called to ministry as there is a shortage of pastors for future church plants. Our financial donation through our sister church partnership with the French Alliance Church will be used to fund a young adult conference with the goal of inspiring and encouraging people to step forward and pursue ministry. Some of the donation will also help with the production of videos that will promote the spreading of the gospel in France.

Burkina Faso: In early May, our sister church in Ouagadougou planted a church in Tenado, just east of Koudougou where they have another established church plant. At the inaugural service they had 11 adults and 22 children. During the week following, the church in Koudougou sent 400 people to Tenada to knock on doors and invite people to the new church. Our donation is helping with the rent for the home where the church is meeting and the purchase of a hangar for outdoor services.

These are just a few ways Alliance Church in Appleton and Hortonville is making a difference around the world. If you would like to read about the families and other churches we support globally check out our monthly prayer guide. You can find it on our website.