News headlines surrounding Burkina Faso recently have been anything but positive. Jihadist attacks have led to the closure of many schools around the country, a lack of clean water sources causes fighting and death at wells, thousands of people are forced to flee their homes becoming refugees in their own country, and young children are kidnapped and trained as child soldiers sent to kill their own people in a deadly massacre. In the midst of seemingly endless tragedy, there is hope. New churches are being planted and many Burkinabé are coming to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!

Central Alliance Church of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso has been a sister church of Appleton Alliance Church for nearly 15 years. Our sister church is a dynamic church family which continues to plant many churches around the country and develop outreach through ministry to children and the poorest of the poor. Central Church also has the largest Compassion site ministering to children in Burkina Faso, and they are always looking for ways to invest in the next generation of leaders within the Burkina National Church. As we lift our Burkinabé brothers and sisters up in prayer, we can simultaneously praise God for the work He is already doing through our sister church and their ministry.

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  • For Pastor Benjamin Tamini who will be stepping into the role of leading Central Church later in 2021 
  • For the 300,000 children who have completely lost access to education due to covid-19. 
  • For the thousands forced to flee from their homes, becoming internally displaced people (IDP). These people left all of their personal belongings behind and many have lost family members in the violence
  • For the sanctification and continued growth of our new brothers and sisters in Christ
  • For children who have recently become orphans due to the violent attacks on villages
  • For new wells to be drilled causing an end to the violence over clean water
  • For rain for the crops that people depend on for survival


  • The burning of local schools has strengthened the determination of parents to encourage schooling and the education of their children
  • For the ministry that is providing hundreds of hand pedaled trikes, giving both dignity and mobility to physically disabled Burkinabé
  • For the new churches being planted and the Burkinabé coming to faith 

Quote from Engage Burkina:

During these horrific days, we continue to see people turn for the first time to Jesus, so His Kingdom is still being built. And many of these share the faith of those murdering and hurting them. They profess the same faith but in no way share the ideology of those who are so brutal. This has caused them to see the truth of the gospel, to be open to hearing and accepting him as their Savior. As we meet these hurting people where they are, they see and accept Jesus Christ.